A guide to Sen. Bill Gannon's legislative record

Can’t figure out where Bill Gannon stands on Women’s health care? That makes sense, he isn’t very clear. Maybe it’s because he keeps on contradicting himself, and because he knows if you knew what he stood for you wouldn’t dream of voting for him. Because it is so hard to figure out where Sen. Bill Gannon stands on the issues impacting New Hampshire everyday, here is a guide on his legislative record from the last session. Hopefully it answers all the questions you may have about where Bill Gannon stands, using his votes not his contradicting public statements. Does Bill Gannon support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions? NO. Bill Gannon sponsored two bills intended to attack w

Senate Democrats support closing the LLC campaign finance loophole

CONCORD - New Hampshire campaign finance laws have an interesting relationship with corporations, the Granite State has a system where by simply incorporating a corporation an individual can double the limit of what they are able to donate to a candidate for state office. While an individual can only donate $7,000 to a candidate combining $5,000 for donations before the candidate files, another $1,000 before the primary, and another $1,000 for the general election, but each corporation an individual oversees can donate another $7,000. Following a slew of examples of pop up LLCs in the 2016 gubernatorial election on both sides, which included one individual who donated $13,000 in one day on b

Senate Democrats Support the Right to Vote

CONCORD - Republicans made waves earlier this year with their extreme attack on the right to vote in New Hampshire. Our right to vote is fundamental to our “live free or die” motto, we value our access to our elected representatives, and it is reprehensible that any elected representative would attempt to muffle the voices that elected them. The passage of this SB 3 is an embarrassment to New Hampshire’s proud tradition of a flourishing and free Democracy. Using a well worn and unproven rally cry Republicans try to push voter suppression legislation through claiming that eligible voters casting their ballot legally is “voter fraud.” That nonsensical rally cry is the only bit of fraud present

Senate Democrats support fully funded services for working families

CONCORD - New Hampshire families are struggling to pay their property taxes, critical programs are underfunded, our roads and bridges are crumbling, and Senate Republicans decided this was the perfect time to give out of state businesses an unexpected tax cut. Senate Republicans voted against funding affordable higher education because they claimed the state didn’t have enough money, they voted against funding recovery and prevention programs for opioid abuse because they claimed the state didn’t have the money, they voted against expanding job training and vocational programs for Granite Staters in need of training to be eligible for different jobs. The Senate Republicans were too busy thro

Senate Democrats support tax breaks for working families

CONCORD - Last year the Senate was faced with two tax breaks. The first would have helped the thousands of working families in New Hampshire struggling to pay their property taxes while still paying for child care and caring for their kids. The second gave massive tax breaks to out of state corporate special interests. The Republican Senate majority voted to kill the tax breaks for working families, but continue the tax breaks for big business. In those two votes the Senate Republicans made it clear who they represent. They don’t represent the working families that voted to send them to Concord, instead they voted against New Hampshire working families but for out of state corporations. Sena

Senate Democrats oppose fetal personhood

Fetal personhood bills across the country are designed to weaken the underpinnings of safe and legal abortions. Legislators are trying to define when a fetus is viable without any of the proper medical experience that would make them credible arbitrators of human health. There is not a single doctor in the New Hampshire Senate, yet Republican Senators think they are qualified to decide when a fetus becomes viable. SB 66 is designed to put in motion the possibility of criminalizing consensual medical treatments for both the doctor and the patient. Senate Democrats oppose this bill because it takes rights and autonomy away from pregnant women. As a fetus gains personhood woman carrying it lose

Senate Democrats oppose permit-less carry

CONCORD - As our country deals with highly publicized mass-shootings the Senate Republicans doubled down on their opposition to gun safety rules in New Hampshire by pushing through legislation to remove permit requirements for concealed carry. Concealed carry permits are a vital check for local police to prevent guns from being carried by people who might use them in harmful ways. The requirement allowed local law enforcement to confirm that a person is suitable to carry a weapon, but now there is no check on who can carry a gun in New Hampshire. Joseph Plaia a Portsmouth police commissioner said: “This bill will eliminate the state’s longstanding permitting system and prevent local law enfo

Senate Democrats support RESCUE act for opioid relief funding

CONCORD - The opioid epidemic is an emergency in the Granite State. In 2017 there have been 483 opioid related deaths in New Hampshire. Almost everyone in New Hampshire knows someone whose life has been impacted by opioid addiction. Addiction is destroying New Hampshire lives and family, and something must be done to hold back the steadily increasing tide of addiction. Throughout the continuing epidemic the Senate has grappled with ways to address the problem, unfortunately the Senate Republicans missed their chance to save New Hampshire twice with CACR 21 and again with SB 542. In December the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus announced legislation called the RESCUE (Responding Effecti

Senate Democrats support paid family and medical leave

HB 628 is for the days when you can’t go to work, the days when you are forced to choose between being there for your family and your job, those days when illness keeps you out of work. It isn’t a vacation like some New Hampshire Republicans claim, it’s an opportunity to be there for your newborn child, a sick parent, or a dying spouse without sacrificing your economic security. Paid medical and family leave insurance would be a buffer when you need it so you do not have to threaten your ability to financially support your family when you are working hard to be there for your family. “You shouldn’t have to choose between work and family, if at all possible. If you have a new child, you shoul

RELEASE: House and Senate Democrats File Record Fundraising Numbers

CONCORD, NH - The New Hampshire House and Senate Democratic political committees announce record fundraising totals for the first 2018 general election filing. The Committee to Elect House Democrats raised $480,144 and has $147,150.92 on hand. These totals exceed the record breaking 2016 totals at this point in the cycle of $335,004 raised and $107,288 on hand. The Senate Democratic Caucus has raised $812,015. This total exceeds the record breaking 2016 totals of $770,246 raised. The record breaking fundraising is already being put to use as the Caucus has already spent $653,994 and has $158,021 cash on hand going into the final 3 weeks of the campaign. Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy i

Senate Democrats support funding for substance abuse and addiction prevention, recovery, and educati

New Hampshire struggles with addiction and substance abuse.The opioid epidemic is tearing through our communities, and destroying the lives of families across our state. The Granite State has the 3rd highest rate of opioid related overdose deaths per capita, New Hampshire needs an addiction and substance abuse intervention to protect the lives and families that are being destroyed by opioid addiction. A large chunk of the Granite State’s funding comes through sales by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. When we are funding our state on the back of alcohol consumption we also must make sure that consumption is not detrimental to the residents of our state. New Hampshire has the highest alcoh

Senate Democrats support funding to increase DCYF staffing

CONCORD, NH - A society is judged on how well it can care for its children. A recent review of the Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) noted that the division responsible for child protective services, foster care, child development, and juvenile justice did not have adequate staffing. The division cannot support children to the fullest extent necessary when they do not have the staff they need. While the DCYF is in need of expanded policies and initiatives to further serve the children of New Hampshire the review noted that they cannot do anything until they address the staffing needs that already exist. Senate Democrats introduced SB 223, which would provide funding for the muc

Senate Democrats support protections for Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions

CONCORD, NH - No one should be denied healthcare because they are already sick. With healthcare prices on the rise it is imperative that families can afford quality healthcare regardless of the amount of care they already need. As attacks mount on federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions, states need to reaffirm those protections, so if there is a change in federal law New Hampshire residents are still protected. Senate Democrats tried to amend HB 469 to include protections for people with pre-existing conditions because the amount of care you need should never prevent you from getting care at all. Both times Senate Democrats tried to implement these protections Senate Rep

Senate Democrats oppose conversion therapy

CONCORD, NH - Conversion therapy is designed to traumatize LGBTQ youth. It is mental abuse pure and simple. Conversion therapy can produce lifelong guilt, anxiety, and self hatred. Conversion therapy is based on false pseudoscience rooted in hatred rather than fact. Suicide is an epidemic within the LGBTQ community, and LGBTQ youth who come from unaccepting families are 8.4 times more likely to have attempted suicide. Conversion therapy encourages a feeling of rejection for LGBTQ youth. In an interview with the Huffington Post one survivor of conversion therapy said of the culmination of his therapy: “We were no longer people at the end of the program.” Conversion Therapy focuses on dehuman

Senate Democrats support banning discrimination based on gender identity

CONCORD, NH - Anti-discrimination policies are not special protections, they are equal protections. People should not be punished for who they are, they should not be fired for who they are, they should not be kicked out of restaurants for who they are. HB 1319 bans discrimination based on gender identity, because there should be no second class citizens in America. We are a society founded upon the idea that all people are equal, and as that belief has developed we must make sure protections are in place for all. A Senate Democratic majority will fight to continue enhancing equal protections for all Granite Staters. The discrimination trans and gender non-conforming people face on a daily b

Senate Democrats support a NH minimum wage

CONCORD, NH - Senate Minority Leader Donna Soucy SD-18 has introduced a bill every year she has been in the Senate, because it is important that New Hampshire workers earn wages that provide them some form of economic security. New Hampshire is one of six states that does not have its own minimum wage. New Hampshire needs wages that work, wages that provide economic opportunities for our workers, and are enough to support working families. “What do we say of a society when we have people working hard full time, and not be able to survive?” -Sen. Donna Soucy SD-18 The federal minimum wage that now exists as our state’s minimum is well below what is considered a living wage in the Granite Stat

Senate Democrats oppose non-compete clauses for low-wage workers

CONCORD, NH - Non-compete clauses needlessly limit low-wage workers. They do not protect workers, they limit worker mobility, negotiation power, and depress wages, without any added security to businesses beyond intimidating workers to stay in worse employment situations. Legislation banning non-compete clauses is gaining traction nationwide in an effort to strengthen labor freedom. A bill limiting non-compete clauses for physicians passed with bipartisan support in 2016, but when it came to similar protections for low-wage workers in New Hampshire through SB 423 Republicans suddenly opposed them. Principles of free labor are good for workers. Labor freedom is especially important for low-wa

RATINGS CHANGE: Governing Magazine moves New Hampshire Senate and House from “tossup” to “lean Democ

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 9, 2018 Contact: Nick Taylor, CONCORD, NH - The non-partisan Governing Magazine changed its New Hampshire House and Senate projection from “tossup” to “lean Democratic.” They cited the growing momentum for Democrats in the New Hampshire legislative races. Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy issued the following statement: “Democrats are gaining momentum across the state because voters can see that we are advocating for a New Hampshire that works for everyone, not just those at the top. In our Granite State Opportunity Plan Senate Democrats outlined clear goals and objectives for what New Hampshire can expect to see from a Democratic Senate majo

Senate Democrats support advance notice of work schedules

If you don’t know your work schedule, how can you plan child care, doctors visits, or parent teacher conferences? When you’re constantly worried about being called into work at the last minute it is harder to be there for your family. Low wage workers have the most unpredictable work schedules, and as a result can suffer from the worst rates of work related stress of any group of workers. All workers deserve the decency of having fair warning of their schedule, and to be able to spend their free time without worrying they may be called to work or suffer repercussions if they don’t drop everything to go in. Unpredictable schedules are bad for workers. They cause increased stress, can contribu

Senate Democrats support high wages and worker protections

Right to work is a misnomer. The phrase implies that it will help workers and create jobs, however states that have right to work legislation tend to have higher rates of poverty and lower wages. New Hampshire is strong now because it does not have right to work legislation on the books. New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate in the country, and our wages have been steadily rising for over a decade, right to work legislation would undo that progress. Right to work doesn’t create jobs or improve the status of workers, rather it depresses wages, it undermines workers, decreases the gains from unions, and works against the improved working conditions, wages and hours unions have struggled fo

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