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Senate Democrats support high wages and worker protections

Right to work is a misnomer. The phrase implies that it will help workers and create jobs, however states that have right to work legislation tend to have higher rates of poverty and lower wages. New Hampshire is strong now because it does not have right to work legislation on the books. New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate in the country, and our wages have been steadily rising for over a decade, right to work legislation would undo that progress.

Right to work doesn’t create jobs or improve the status of workers, rather it depresses wages, it undermines workers, decreases the gains from unions, and works against the improved working conditions, wages and hours unions have struggled for generations to secure. States with right to work have higher poverty rates, lower wages, and 12 of the 15 states with the highest gender wage gap are right to work states.

Senate Democrats oppose right to work, because we believe in a New Hampshire that works for everyone, we believe that workers should be treated fairly, and that we should never pass legislation that will depress wages and increase poverty in New Hampshire.

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