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NH Senate Passes SB 5-FN, to Expand Access to Mental Health Services and Substance Use Disorder Trea

CONCORD—Today, the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 5-FN-A, relative to making an appropriation relative to Medicaid provider rates for mental health and substance misuse, 24-0.

Prime sponsor Senator Cindy Rosenwald, D-Nashua, released the following statement after the vote:

“New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion program continues to be one of the best tools we have to combat the ongoing opioid and mental health crises in our state. By leveraging federal dollars as part of a 93/7 match to increase reimbursement rates for Medicaid providers for mental health services and substance use disorder treatment, SB 5-FN increases access to these services and ensures that New Hampshire providers can afford to provide the critical health services citizens in our state need and deserve.”


-SB 5-FN passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee unanimously, 5-0

-SB 5-FN fulfills the bipartisan compromise reached in 2018 on SB 313-FN to raise reimbursement rates for mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.

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