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Senator Levesque Introduces SB 67, to Restore Voting Rights

CONCORD, NH—Today Senator Melanie Levesque (D-Nashua) introduced SB 67, relative to the definition of resident and residency. SB 67 is designed to address concerns with HB 1264, which was enacted in 2018 and changed the definition of “residency” in New Hampshire to omit the phrase “for the indefinite future” and, in so doing, aimed to link this new “residency” standard to the “domicile” standard that is used to determine voter eligibility under New Hampshire law.

Senator Levesque Released the Following Statement After the Hearing:

“In today’s mobile society, more students attend college out-of-state and service personnel and medical interns are often stationed for long term temporary positions. If they reside in New Hampshire, pay tuition, pay rent, support our local economy and choose to vote in the state they currently reside in, that is their right. SB 67 is critical to restoring voting rights for these voters.”

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