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Democrats Fight for Property Tax Relief

Contact Name: Marina Altschiller

Phone: (603) 271-3375

CONCORD - Today, the Senate unanimously voted Ought to Pass with Amendment on SB 401.

After the vote, Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy (D-Manchester) issued the following statement:

“I am pleased that the Senate was able to move forward the critically important components contained in the SB 401 committee amendment. I’m especially pleased that my Republican colleagues decided to highlight so many Democratic policy proposals that have lowered New Hampshire property taxes like Senator Rosenwald’s SB 412 which increased nursing home reimbursement rates, Representative Buco’s HB 398 which makes appropriations for wastewater projects, or Senator Kahn’s idea from SB 387 to increase funding for body and dashboard cameras for our local law enforcement. While it was extremely disappointing that my colleague from District 3 failed to credit their work on the floor, New Hampshire voters know that Senate and House Democrats are fighting every day to lower their property taxes.”

Senator Jay Kahn (D-Keene) issued the following statement:

“Just last week, my Republican colleagues unanimously voted against my bill to fund a statewide body-worn and dashboard camera implementation plan and appropriation. I was extremely disappointed to see their lack of commitment to the safety of our local law enforcement and am happy to see they’ve had a change of heart on the critical nature of this funding. While the appropriation put forward in SB 401 is still far short of the necessary amount needed for statewide implementation, it is a small step forward that I am happy to support.”



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