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Senator Kahn Introduces SB 235

Contact Name: Marina Altschiller

Phone: (603) 271-3375

CONCORD – Today, Senator Kahn introduced SB 235 to the Senate Education Committee. SB 235, relative to the authority to offer multiple education instruction options, is a piece of enabling legislation that preserves local control by allowing individual school districts to make decisions that they feel are in the best interest of their students and teachers regarding remote learning opportunities.

Prime sponsor Senator Jay Kahn (D-Keene) issued the following statement after the hearing:

“Over the past two years, the state has made significant investments into technology and training in order to provide adequate access to remote education. We all recognize the preference to provide in-person education, however, it is naïve to ignore the reality of our current situation and the likelihood of future disease clusters. The omicron surge has taken kids out of the classroom, exacerbated existing teacher shortages, and continues to create daily disruptions to a traditional classroom experience. This simple piece of enabling legislation preserves local control and puts one more tool in our school districts’ toolbox when it is in the best interest of the student safety to preserve the continuity of instruction with their classroom teachers via remote learning.”



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