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Senator Rosenwald Introduces SB 150 - Medicaid Dental Benefit

Contact Name: Marina Altschiller

Phone: (603) 271-3207

CONCORD – Today, Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) introduced SB 150 to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. If enacted, SB 150 would establish a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program.

After the hearing, Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) issued the following statement:

“There is irrefutable data that supports the economic and social benefits of preventative dental care. For the over 120,000 adults currently enrolled in traditional and expanded Medicaid, these services can lead to increased employability, financial security, and could save the state around $1.5 million per year on dental related emergency room visits. While similar legislation received bipartisan support last session, the Governor’s veto of HB 250 delayed these essential services. The people of New Hampshire cannot wait any longer and I encourage my colleagues to support SB 150.”



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