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Senate Democrats support fully funded public schools

CONCORD, NH - On March 16, 2017 the New Hampshire Senate voted on SB 193. The proposed bill would divert state funds from local schools into private and religious schools. The bill was unanimously rejected by the Senate Democrats, however, it was pushed through by the Republican majority.

The Senate Democrats believe that fully funded public schools are an integral part of creating a New Hampshire that works for everyone. Many of us are products of New Hampshire’s top rated public educational system. We credit the talented teachers, administrators, and staff with molding us and generations of Granite Staters into well educated, passionate public servants, and fully recognize the need for dedicated support from the state government to create this thriving educational system.

“I am a product of New Hampshire public schools and I am raising three boys in New Hampshire, so I understand that we must support our public schools and seek to keep them amongst the best in the nation. Republican Senators seek to undermine our public schools by funneling our tax dollars to home, religious and private schools and forcing our local property taxes up to make up the difference. This isn't right for our students, our communities or our economy.” - Jon Morgan Candidate for SD - 23

We will never support measures such as SB 193 that would divert state support from our local schools. We will never remove public accountability over your tax dollars to fund private and religious schools. We will never increase your local tax burden, while lowering the value of your schools and therefore your property through a school voucher program.

We support teachers. We support schools. We support the outstanding educational opportunity that New Hampshire offers its children.That is why we oppose SB 193 and will oppose any measure like it that will act to weaken out public schools.

The education of your children will be on the ballot on November 6th, but it will not be labeled as such. The future of New Hampshire’s public schools is decided by those who hold the public offices that control them. We support public schools as the backbone of our thriving state, and reject any attempt to weaken our public schools.

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