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Senate Democrats push for USNH Tuition Freeze

CONCORD, NH - College tuition rates are on the rise nationwide and it’s pushing college out of the reach of millions of Americans. New Hampshire is no different, and even exceeds the national trend. New Hampshire now has two unfortunate distinctions: the highest public university tuitions in the country, and the highest average student loan debt in the nation.

In an effort to keep affordable for everyone Senator Kahn with the support of Senate Democrats sponsored an amendment to the state budget (HB 144) that would freeze tuition in the University System of New Hampshire.

Affordable higher education is the backbone of an economy that works for everyone, but the constant increase in tuition rates is quickly putting a college education out of reach of Granite Staters and adding to our current student loan debt crisis.

It is no surprise that NH has the highest average student loan debt upon graduation, when it also burdens its students with the highest tuition of any public university system in the nation. Furthermore, Republicans refuse to fund the system, which makes the USNH the state higher education system with the lowest state funding per student in the country. Instead of prioritizing lowering tuition costs, improving the educational experience at New Hampshire’s colleges and universities, and reducing the burden of student loans on Granite Staters the Republican Senate opted to pass tax breaks for out of state businesses. The New Hampshire Senate should invest in New Hampshire’s economy through strong public education, not in businesses in other states.

The New Hampshire economy benefits immensely from a well educated and debt free workforce. A tuition freeze is a basic step in creating a New Hampshire economy that works for everyone, not just a few.

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