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Senate Democrats support education for every stage of a person’s life

CONCORD, NH - One of the greatest barriers to employment is adequate job training. New Hampshire currently has a system that treats education with a one and done philosophy. We need to invest in improved job training and workforce development, whether it will help you with your first job, or transition to your third career. Last year New Hampshire lost 6,000 jobs in part because workers lacked some of the training necessary to make them eligible employees.

In March 2018 Senate Democrats sponsored SB 567 to expand the job training programs offered by the department of business and economic affairs. The bill would provide additional job training without any tax impact for the next two fiscal years, beyond which the fiscal note could not forecast specific impact. Unfortunately for Granite Staters in need of job training, Senate Republicans, attempting to quietly kill a program that would help people across the state, voted to delay this vitally important piece of legislation.

A Senate Democratic majority will prioritize education at every state of a person’s life, from high school vocational training, to affordable colleges, to job training to make any transition between careers easier.

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