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Senate Democrats support a NH minimum wage

CONCORD, NH - Senate Minority Leader Donna Soucy SD-18 has introduced a bill every year she has been in the Senate, because it is important that New Hampshire workers earn wages that provide them some form of economic security. New Hampshire is one of six states that does not have its own minimum wage. New Hampshire needs wages that work, wages that provide economic opportunities for our workers, and are enough to support working families.

“What do we say of a society when we have people working hard full time, and not be able to survive?”

The federal minimum wage that now exists as our state’s minimum is well below what is considered a living wage in the Granite State. If someone working hard at minimum wage cannot afford to live off their hard earned wages the minimum wage is failing New Hampshire’s workers. This wage increase would lift up 140,000 New Hampshire workers allowing them to turn their new earnings into an increased ability to support themselves and their families within the New Hampshire economy.

Our current lack of a state minimum wage means that hard working full time Granite State workers are struggling to survive. we should strive to create a New Hampshire where people aren’t struggling to survive, rather everyone is able to thrive.

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