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Senate Democrats support banning discrimination based on gender identity

CONCORD, NH - Anti-discrimination policies are not special protections, they are equal protections. People should not be punished for who they are, they should not be fired for who they are, they should not be kicked out of restaurants for who they are. HB 1319 bans discrimination based on gender identity, because there should be no second class citizens in America. We are a society founded upon the idea that all people are equal, and as that belief has developed we must make sure protections are in place for all. A Senate Democratic majority will fight to continue enhancing equal protections for all Granite Staters.

The discrimination trans and gender non-conforming people face on a daily basis takes a huge toll on them. To live up to our democratic ideals as a nation we cannot continue to ostracize any group of people. New Hampshire values inclusivity and acceptance that is why Senate Democrats support banning discrimination based on gender identity.

“Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable here. I am proud New Hampshire joined 19 other states this spring to outlaw discrimination based on gender identity.”

-Rep. Cindy Rosenwald SD-18

For New Hampshire to continue to live up to the ideals of a country where all people are are created equal, where you may live free regardless of your gender identity the Senate must be committed to protecting all Granite Staters. The basic equal protection of non-discrimination policies grants people who without it would not be free to work where they want, live where they want, or do business where they want without the threat of being removed due their identity.

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