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Senate Democrats support protections for Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions

CONCORD, NH - No one should be denied healthcare because they are already sick. With healthcare prices on the rise it is imperative that families can afford quality healthcare regardless of the amount of care they already need. As attacks mount on federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions, states need to reaffirm those protections, so if there is a change in federal law New Hampshire residents are still protected. Senate Democrats tried to amend HB 469 to include protections for people with pre-existing conditions because the amount of care you need should never prevent you from getting care at all. Both times Senate Democrats tried to implement these protections Senate Republicans voted against protecting Granite Staters' access to coverage.

As more attempts are being made to weaken federal healthcare protections the responsibility for ensuring care must fall on the states. The ability to deny health insurance due to pre-existing conditions leaves people who are in desperate need of care out in the cold, begging family, friends and strangers for the funds necessary to get them the care they need.

We need a healthcare system where people can afford to keep themselves healthy, where you cannot be denied insurance because you are in desperate need of treatment. When you’re sick you should be able to focus on getting better, not the progress of your fundraising page on a crowdfunding website. New Hampshire families shouldn’t have to worry that what is happening in Washington will prevent them from getting care in New Hampshire, they should be protected by our own laws in the Granite State.

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