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Senate Democrats oppose permit-less carry

CONCORD - As our country deals with highly publicized mass-shootings the Senate Republicans doubled down on their opposition to gun safety rules in New Hampshire by pushing through legislation to remove permit requirements for concealed carry. Concealed carry permits are a vital check for local police to prevent guns from being carried by people who might use them in harmful ways. The requirement allowed local law enforcement to confirm that a person is suitable to carry a weapon, but now there is no check on who can carry a gun in New Hampshire.

Joseph Plaia a Portsmouth police commissioner said: “This bill will eliminate the state’s longstanding permitting system and prevent local law enforcement from making important determinations that help keep guns out of dangerous hands.” While the permit did not prevent responsible gun owners from possessing a concealed weapon, it did provide a check for people local police identified as being unsafe if in possession of a firearm.

Removing the permitting process for concealed carry makes New Hampshire less safe. People who are unfit to carry a weapon can now carry a concealed with no check from local law enforcement. New Hampshire needs the peace of mind and added safety that comes from common sense permitting to make sure that responsible and safe gun owners are the only people who are carrying concealed firearms.

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