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Senate Democrats oppose fetal personhood

Fetal personhood bills across the country are designed to weaken the underpinnings of safe and legal abortions. Legislators are trying to define when a fetus is viable without any of the proper medical experience that would make them credible arbitrators of human health. There is not a single doctor in the New Hampshire Senate, yet Republican Senators think they are qualified to decide when a fetus becomes viable.

SB 66 is designed to put in motion the possibility of criminalizing consensual medical treatments for both the doctor and the patient. Senate Democrats oppose this bill because it takes rights and autonomy away from pregnant women. As a fetus gains personhood woman carrying it loses her right to make legal decisions for it, instead the government gains the right in some cases to make decisions for the woman on behalf of the fetus she was carrying.

SB 66 isn’t about protecting women, it is about reducing the rights of a woman and using non-expert politicians to make serious medical decisions.

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