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Senate Democrats support tax breaks for working families

CONCORD - Last year the Senate was faced with two tax breaks. The first would have helped the thousands of working families in New Hampshire struggling to pay their property taxes while still paying for child care and caring for their kids. The second gave massive tax breaks to out of state corporate special interests. The Republican Senate majority voted to kill the tax breaks for working families, but continue the tax breaks for big business.

In those two votes the Senate Republicans made it clear who they represent. They don’t represent the working families that voted to send them to Concord, instead they voted against New Hampshire working families but for out of state corporations.

Senate Democrats sponsored SB 208 because rising property taxes shouldn’t force families that worked hard for the houses they own to leave them to pay for child care. Working families need tax breaks to help them afford essentials like school supplies, child care, and food for dinner. However, the Senate Republicans turned their backs on working families by voting to kill this much needed tax relief. When you go to vote you’ll have a choice, do you vote for a Democrat who will put you first and support property tax relief for you, or do you vote for a Republican more willing to give tax breaks to out of state corporations like Walmart and Amazon.

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