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Senate Democrats support fully funded services for working families

CONCORD - New Hampshire families are struggling to pay their property taxes, critical programs are underfunded, our roads and bridges are crumbling, and Senate Republicans decided this was the perfect time to give out of state businesses an unexpected tax cut. Senate Republicans voted against funding affordable higher education because they claimed the state didn’t have enough money, they voted against funding recovery and prevention programs for opioid abuse because they claimed the state didn’t have the money, they voted against expanding job training and vocational programs for Granite Staters in need of training to be eligible for different jobs. The Senate Republicans were too busy throwing our state revenue away on tax cuts businesses did not ask for, to be able to fund our university system, stop the loss of life due to the opioid crisis, and help Granite Staters trying to enter the trades of train up for a new career. New Hampshire would have the funds to keep everyone safe, educated, and happy but the Senate Republicans were too busy throwing money at corporations like Amazon and Walmart to care for the people they represent.

New Hampshire needs an economy that works for the people who live in it, an economy that supports working families, an economy that works for everyone, that is not the economy we got under a Republican majority. Granite Staters watched state spending get shifted down to local property taxes while Amazon and Walmart got bigger and bigger tax cuts. Granite Staters watched the services we rely on continue to be underfunded and under-supported, so that Republicans could give special interests tax breaks. Granite Staters watched student debt skyrocket and support for addiction flounder while out of state businesses’ profits rose.

New Hampshire deserves a Senate majority that looks out for the people who elect it, which is not the majority we have now. A new Senate Democratic majority will champion working families, push for improved services and lower property taxes for working families. It is time the New Hampshire Senate represent the people who vote for it. A Senate Democratic majority will be dedicated to fighting for working families so New Hampshire can work for everyone, not just those at the top.

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