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Senate Democrats Support the Right to Vote

CONCORD - Republicans made waves earlier this year with their extreme attack on the right to vote in New Hampshire. Our right to vote is fundamental to our “live free or die” motto, we value our access to our elected representatives, and it is reprehensible that any elected representative would attempt to muffle the voices that elected them. The passage of this SB 3 is an embarrassment to New Hampshire’s proud tradition of a flourishing and free Democracy.

Using a well worn and unproven rally cry Republicans try to push voter suppression legislation through claiming that eligible voters casting their ballot legally is “voter fraud.” That nonsensical rally cry is the only bit of fraud present as legislators attempt to dismantle the very democratic process that gave them power. The false cry of “voter fraud” is nothing compared to the present reality of voter suppression.

In a victory for the unburdened right to vote New Hampshire Superior Court Judge Kenneth Brown enjoined the implementation of the bill in the 2018 midterm elections. Judge Brown noted, “given the extraordinarily low rates of documented voter fraud in this state, it is far more likely that more legitimate voters will be dissuaded from voting than illegitimate voters will be prevented.” In this ruling Judge Brown decided SB 3 placed an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote.

It is disqualifying for a representative to attempt to mute the voices of their constituents, yet that is what the Republican Senate majority did with SB 3. Representatives should focus on lifting up the voices of their constituents and fighting on behalf of those who elected them to be their representative, not dedicate legislative effort to silencing New Hampshire voters attempting to hold them accountable. A Democratic Senate majority will fight to protect the right to vote from any attacks like SB 3 that Republicans wage on the freedom of New Hampshire voters.

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