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A guide to Sen. Bill Gannon's legislative record

Can’t figure out where Bill Gannon stands on Women’s health care? That makes sense, he isn’t very clear. Maybe it’s because he keeps on contradicting himself, and because he knows if you knew what he stood for you wouldn’t dream of voting for him.

Because it is so hard to figure out where Sen. Bill Gannon stands on the issues impacting New Hampshire everyday, here is a guide on his legislative record from the last session. Hopefully it answers all the questions you may have about where Bill Gannon stands, using his votes not his contradicting public statements.

Does Bill Gannon support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions?


Bill Gannon sponsored two bills intended to attack women’s access to safe and legal reproductive healthcare. First with HB 471, which would have tracked some of a woman’s most intimate medical decisions regarding her reproductive decisions, including what type of contraception she chose to use. Gannon also sponsored SB 66 which was intended to attack access to safe and legal abortions by opening the door to criminalize the medical procedure for both the doctor and patient.

Does Bill Gannon support Granite State workers?

Again, NO.

Bill Gannon repeatedly voted against the interests of New Hampshire workers. Gannon voted against SB 83 which would have raise the minimum wage, he voted to weaken the ability for unions to advocate on behalf of workers in SB 11, and he voted against requiring employers to give their employees notice of their work schedule before they are expected to be at work in SB 422.

Does Bill Gannon support affordable, quality education?


Bill Gannon voted to downshift up to $150,000 to local town for school districts in SD-23 in an attempt by Senate Republicans to defund our local public schools with SB 193. He voted against increasing funding to New Hampshire Universities in order to stop tuition increases, HB 144-2108s. Finally, he voted against creating job training programs and vocational programs for high school seniors to make it easier to get started in the trades and when transitioning careers, SB 567.

Does Bill Gannon support feeding food insecure school children?


Believe it or not Bill Gannon even voted against providing breakfast for hungry kids at school, forcing them to sit through a day of school without the most important meal of the day, SB 526.

Bill Gannon doesn’t support the people of Senate District 23, so why would they support him? While he may hide his stances through conflicting public statements, Gannon can’t lie with his voting record, and his voting record makes it clear he doesn’t vote to help New Hampshire families.

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