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Senator Levesque Introduces SB 7, Secure Modern Accurate Registration (SMART ACT)

CONCORD—Today, State Senator Melanie Levesque introduced the Secure Modern Accurate Registration Technology (“SMART”) Act, legislation that would safeguard New Hampshire’s elections through the implementation of secure and modern voter registration. The legislation would put into effect a process by which eligible Granite Staters who interact with a government agency, such as the Division of Motor Vehicles, are automatically registered to vote through a secure process that protects individuals’ information while saving the state money in labor costs. Local election officials will check the voter registration information before adding new voters to the rolls, maintaining local control.

“It’s all there in the name—the SMART Act is a smart move for New Hampshire that creates a secure, modern, and accurate registration system, the likes of which are already being implemented across the country, including among some of our neighbors,” Senator Levesque said. “Secure and modern voter registration will safeguard and improve access to our elections. As the first-in-the-nation state, that’s a goal we should all share.”

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