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Senator Morgan Introduces SB 243-FN, Expanding Access to NH’s Low- and Moderate-Income Homeowners Ta

CONCORD—Today, Senator Morgan introduced SB 243-FN, to increase the income limitations for the low- and moderate-income homeowners property tax relief program. Adjustments to the limitations would be based on the consumer price index.

Senator Morgan released the following statement after the hearing:

“As the cost of living in New Hampshire has continually increased, tax relief limits have

remained stagnant. It is time for New Hampshire to make adjustments to the low- and moderate- income homeowners property tax relief program to ensure that all families who truly need this

relief are included. SB 243-FN supports hardworking Granite Staters and will help to put an end to the great migration of our disappearing working class. I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to pass this legislation and ensure a brighter future for New Hampshire’s working-class families.”

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