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NH College Graduate Retention and Incentive Program (GRIP) Unanimously Passes Senate

CONCORD—Today the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 12, 23-0, which will institute a college graduate retention and incentive program in which New Hampshire employers agree to pay recent NH college graduates a $1,000 incentive at the end of each year of employment for four years. In exchange, participating employers will be able to link their available positions to a state website, and marketing of these firms and the website to New Hampshire college graduates would be done by the NH College and University Council’s twenty-two member institutions.

Senator Kahn, prime sponsor of SB 12, praised the vote:

“Today’s vote in support of SB 12 is a signal that New Hampshire is committed to recruiting and retaining the workforce of tomorrow. The NH College Graduation Retention Incentive Partnership (GRIP) is an on-switch to encourage New Hampshire college students to include in-state job opportunities in their career planning and transitions. This unique public-private partnership brings together business, education, and government to fill the current lack of state retention incentives that will help to attract and retain the skilled workers New Hampshire employers need while encouraging graduates to stay in-state post-graduation.”

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