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Senate Passes SB 1, Comprehensive Paid Family and Medical Leave

CONCORD—Today the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 1, comprehensive paid family and medical leave, 13-10.

Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes, prime sponsor of SB 1, released the following statement about the bill:

“No one should have to choose between financial security and caring for a loved one. Today’s vote is a vote for the future of our state. SB 1 is an affordable plan that is accessible to all working families and small businesses that will help New Hampshire care for an aging population, combat our opioid epidemic, and attract and retain the workforce of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Senate Republicans failed to put people before politics today. Instead, they chose to do the dirty work of Governor Sununu, who thinks paid leave is a “vacation” and has failed to put together anything more than a campaign soundbite on paid family and medical leave. As Senate Democrats move forward with our efforts to ensure every Granite Stater has the tools they need to build a good life - including quality education, affordable health care, and a living wage – we hope our Republican colleagues in the Senate reconsider whose side they’re on.”

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