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Senator Soucy Introduces Seventh Bill to Re-establish and Raise New Hampshire’s Minimum Wage, SB 10

CONCORD—Today, Senator Soucy (D-Manchester) introduced her seventh piece of legislation to re-establish and raise New Hampshire’s minimum wage—SB 10. If passed, the legislation would raise the minimum wage to $10/hour in 2020 and $12 or $11/hour in 2022 depending upon additional benefits provided by employers, like paid sick days.

Senator Soucy released the following statement after the vote:

“When it comes to ensuring decent wages for our workers, New Hampshire is far from first—we haven’t raised our minimum wage in more than a decade and in 2011, the Republican-led legislature eliminated our state minimum wage altogether. $7.25 wasn’t a living wage in 2009 and it certainly isn’t a living wage in 2019. Regardless of political party, we should all agree New Hampshire is better equipped to make economic decisions that impact our workers and businesses than politicians in Washington, D.C. The Granite State was one of the first states to institute a state-specific minimum wage in 1949. It’s time for us to reclaim our leadership in this arena. It’s time for us to re-establish and raise New Hampshire’s minimum wage to support our working families and continue growing our economy.”

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