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Senator Sherman Applauds NH Senate’s Approval of Effort to Restrict Use of Restraints to Transport P

March 27, 2019

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD—Today, the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 177, which would restrict the use of physical restraints on persons who are involuntarily committed.

Prime sponsor Senator Dr. Tom Sherman (D-Rye), who served on a study committee to examine the use of physical restraints on people who are involuntarily committed while service as a state representative, released the following statement after the vote:

“Shackles and handcuffs stigmatize a population that is already misunderstood and marginalized. SB 177 is a critical step toward decriminalizing mental illness by shifting the decision-making power to clinicians. I’m grateful for my Senate colleagues who recognize that while some instances may merit the use of restraints, we must give mental health experts the authority to make those decisions on a case-by-case, and patient-by-patient, basis.”

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