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Senator Kahn Commends House Passage of Senate Bill to Address Mental Health Workforce Shortage

May 8, 2019

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD—Today, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed SB 80, relative to applicants to the board of mental health practice from other states, membership on the board of mental health practice, and insurance credentialing of out-of-state mental health practitioners. SB 80 has been referred to the House Executive Departments and Administration committee.

Senator Jay Kahn (D-Keene), prime sponsor of the bill, issued the following statement after the vote:

“At a time when New Hampshire is facing a mental health crisis, legislators should do all we can to ensure Granite Staters can access the care they need. SB 80 is an integral part of this puzzle that aims to address the current mental health workforce shortage in our state by creating a fast track process to complete licensure for qualified, out-of-state workers. Currently, when health care facilities are recruiting, they often lose qualified applicants from out-of-state with years of experience because the licensure process is so long—in some cases up to 180 days. By requiring licensure review in thirty days, enabling streamlined background checks, and permitting the ability to bill for services performed immediately upon licensure, SB 80 ensures qualified health care workers can start working and providing care in our state in a timely manner.”


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