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Senate Passes Sustainable LCHIP Funding

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD - Today, the Senate passed SB 493-FN-A on a voice vote. SB 493-FN-A increases the register of deeds recording fee from $25 to $35 and comes in response to the increased funding needs of the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP). SB 493-FN-A also clarifies that LCHIP may accept voluntary contributions, gifts, private grants, or other donations to support their work.

After the vote, prime sponsor Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) issued the following statement:

“We can all agree that preserving New Hampshire’s historical and natural beauty is a top priority. Last year LCHIP received grant applications for $7 million in preservation and conservation efforts but was only able to award half that amount. While this proposed increase to the fee may be small, it would provide an additional $1,500,000 per year in sustainable funding for LCHIP--unlike competing proposals for voluntary donations or potential one-time budget spending in the next biennium.

Since 2000, LCHIP has helped preserve 218 historic structures and protect over 283,000 acres statewide. We must act now to shore up this fund and ensure its continued ability to provide assistance to communities and nonprofit organizations in the future. I applaud my colleagues in the Senate for their collaboration and bipartisan dedication to the continued success of LCHIP.”



Raising this fee by $10 would generate an extra $1,500,000 per year for LCHIP

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