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Senate Passes Senator Morgan’s Veterans Bill of Rights

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD - Today, the Senate passed SB 726 by a vote of 24-0. SB 726. Referred to as the Veterans Bill of Rights, this bill creates programs designed to aid veterans' access to employment, entrepreneurship, housing, health care, and college degrees. New Hampshire would be the first New England state to adopt a Veterans Bill of Rights.

After the vote, prime sponsor Senator Jon Morgan (D-Brentwood) issued the following statement:

“From the Portsmouth Naval Yard to the Pease Air National Guard Base, and Pittsburg to Nashua, we have over 100,000 veterans living and working in New Hampshire. I am proud of New Hampshire’s long held tradition of respect for military service and the people who dedicate their lives to protecting our country. As a Legislature, we must act to cement current protections in support of the growing community of active duty, reserves, and other veterans living and working here. The Veterans Bill of Rights will do just that. The Veterans Bill of Rights will assist New Hampshire veterans in starting businesses, finding jobs and apprenticeships matching their skillset, obtaining physical and mental health services, suicide prevention, license and certification reciprocation, and fighting to end veteran homelessness. I’m proud to have built a strong bipartisan coalition to lead this effort.”


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