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Long Term Care Amendment Passes Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

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CONCORD - Today, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee unanimously passed an amendment to HB 578-FN during their first remote session. The amendment, sponsored by Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth), combines the work of Senator Jon Morgan (D-Brentwood) and Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) in SB 545 and SB 715 to establish a committee to study the safety of residents and employees in long-term care facilities and clarify cost controls in long-term care.

After the committee vote, Senator Fuller Clark and Senator Jon Morgan issued the following statements:

“New Hampshire’s long term care facilities have disproportionately felt the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 80% of the fatalities in New Hampshire have taken place in our nursing homes and long term care facilities. Now, more than ever, we need to take a deeper look at the safety of the residents and employees at these facilities,” said Senator Jon Morgan (D-Brentwood).

Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) added, “As we look at reopening the state, we must take a hard look at those most impacted. That means our long term health care facilities, its residents and its staff. To date, more than 130 people have died while under care in these facilities. It is our job as legislators to put new systems in place to protect our vulnerable populations and do everything we can to prevent future loss of life, including adequate testing for both residents and staff, greater access to PPE and making it possible for families to video conference with their loved ones.”


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