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Senate Democratic Caucus Launches 2020 Election Campaign with Qualified, Diverse Slate of Candidates

Contact: Dario Scalco, New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus


CONCORD, NH - Today, the Senate Democratic Caucus announced its 2020 slate, a diverse and qualified group of 28 individuals from across the state who have dedicated their lives to fighting for all Granite Staters. This afternoon, these Democratic state senate candidates filed their candidacy filing forms with the Secretary of State’s Office. You can watch a video introducing this year’s candidates here.

Even with three retirements, Senate Democrats present a robust slate for this fall’s Primary and General Elections, setting the Caucus up to successfully defend and grow its 14-seat majority. The candidates include individuals from all walks of life, including careers in education, business, law, health care and emergency services. This is also one of the most diverse slates in Senate history - which includes African American, LGBTQ+, and Youth candidates. More than half of the slate’s candidates are women.

NH Senate President Donna Soucy (D-Manchester), Caucus Chair, issued the following statement:

“Senate Democrats have followed through on our Granite Opportunity Plan, passing a balanced state budget to benefit all Granite Staters, and are currently pushing forward on our Granite Promise Proposal that will ensure businesses and families are able to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. As leading voices for New Hampshire values like paid family medical leave, raising the minimum wage, expanding access to healthcare, protecting safe and secure elections, and protecting a woman's right to choose, our slate of Democratic Senate candidates will continue this fight for the health and safety of all Granite State families. We look forward to talking with voters across the state, and we are confident that sharing our accomplishments and plans to help all Granite Staters will earn us their vote this November.”

Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), Caucus Treasurer, issued the following statement:

“From achieving the largest investment in public education in twenty-five years, to our Granite Promise Proposal to effectively and efficiently address the COVID-19 pandemic, Senate Democrats have heard from thousands of Granite Staters in recent weeks on the issues of our time. I’m proud to call so many of these individuals - working professionals, community leaders and public servants - our colleagues. Senate Democrats have recruited a strong slate of candidates, each offering a unique story which will help solve problems and build stronger families and communities.”

The Democratic Senate slate is as follows:

  • Rep. Sue Ford (D-Easton), District 1

  • Hon. Bill Bolton (D-Plymouth), District 2

  • Theresa Swanick (D-Effingham), District 3

  • Sen. David Watters (D-Dover), District 4

  • Hon. Beatriz Pastor (D-Lyme), District 5*

  • Hon. Suzanne Prentiss (D-Lebanon), District 5*

  • Christopher Rice (D-Rochester), District 6

  • Hon. Phil Spagnuolo (D-Laconia), District 7

  • Jenn Alford-Teaster (D-Sutton), District 8

  • Sen. Jeanne Dietsch (D-Peterborough), District 9

  • Sen. Jay Kahn (D-Keene), District 10

  • Sen. Shannon Chandley (D-Amherst), District 11

  • Sen. Melanie Levesque (D-Brookline), District 12

  • Sen. Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), District 13

  • Hon. Nancy Hendricks (D-Londonderry), District 14

  • Hon. Candace Bouchard (D-Concord), District 15*

  • Hon. Paul Hodes (D-Concord), District 15*

  • Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton), District 15*

  • Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh (D-Manchester), District 16

  • Nancy R.B. Fraher (D-Chichester), District 17

  • Senate President Donna Soucy (D-Manchester), District 18

  • Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), District 20

  • Deaglan McEachern (D-Portsmouth), District 21*

  • Rebecca Perkins Kwoka (D-Portsmouth), District 21*

  • Thomas Haynes (D-Salem), District 22

  • Sen. Jon Morgan (D-Brentwood), District 23

  • Sen. Tom Sherman (D-Rye), District 24

*Indicates a Democratic primary. Primary candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


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