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Senate Democrats Move for a Fair Contract for State Employees

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD - Today, the Senate voted 14-10 to accept the recommendations contained in the fact-finder reports between the State of New Hampshire and seven collective bargaining units representing state employees. The reports were previously rejected by Governor Sununu who refused bring them before the Executive Council for several months. On March 2, the Joint Committee on Employee Relations voted to send the report to the full House and Senate. The House of Representatives will take up the report in their session tomorrow, June 30.

After the vote, Senate President Donna Soucy (D-Manchester) and Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D-Concord) issued the following statements:

“Our state employees have been at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic since day one,” stated Senate President Donna Soucy (D-Manchester). “They have kept New Hampshire safe, often at great personal risk and have done so without a contract. New Hampshire state employees have been fighting for a fair contract for over 350 days. The lack of a fair contract is hurting our ability to retain and recruit workers which, as we continue to face a workforce shortage, hurts New Hampshire as a whole. Our state employees deserve a contract.”

Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D-Concord) added, “New Hampshire’s state employees have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic without a contract. As a state, we are incredibly grateful for their dedication. But gratitude does not provide for a family. Gratitude doesn’t keep the lights on and it doesn’t put food on the table or pay medical bills. Our state employees deserved fair contracts with wage adjustments and protections long before this public health crisis and that need has only increased. Governor Sununu has made his priorities clear by pushing for more corporate tax breaks rather than fair pay for state employees; it is essential we come together as a Legislature and ensure a new contract.”


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