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Senate Moves Renewable Energy Forward

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD - Today, the New Hampshire Senate concurred with the House of Representatives on a series of amendments to renewable energy legislation, SB 122 (energy efficiency), SB 124 (renewable energy), and SB 166 (net metering).

After the votes, Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D-Concord) and Senate Energy Committee Chair Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) issued the following statements:

“SB 166 is critical net metering legislation that both opens up opportunity for community renewable power and ensures that customer generators, including those with solar installations, get treated fairly in the competitive market,” stated Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D-Concord). “If we are going to move forward with renewable energy in New Hampshire, which reduces escalating electric bills and reduces property tax pressures on our communities, then we must move forward with SB 166.”

Senate Energy Committee Chair Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) added, “The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don’t use. That’s why energy efficiency is so important. SB 122 restores our energy efficiency fund to its original, bipartisan intent and to the way we reduce electric bills the most: energy efficiency.” Stated Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, “SB 124 extends our bipartisan Renewable Portfolio Standard and more than doubles renewable energy by 2040, critical to combatting the climate crisis, reducing electric bills, and advancing clean energy jobs here in New Hampshire. As the only state in New England last year to lose solar jobs, we can’t afford to leave these jobs on the table, particularly with New Hampshire having the 11th highest unemployment in the country.”


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