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Ruth Ward Conceals Campaign Contributors

Contact: Dario Scalco,

New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus

CONCORD, NH - Today, after Senator Ruth Ward (R-Stoddard) failed to follow the law and disclose campaign contributions, Grantham Democratic Treasurer Theodore Fantl filed an election law complaint with the New Hampshire Attorney General.

Mr. Fantl states in the complaint: “the voting public has a right to know and the elected officials and candidates have an obligation to disclose in a timely manner the source(s) of campaign funding. This is essential in order for the public to make informed voting decisions and in order for elected officials/candidates to maintain the public trust.” You can read the full complaint here.

“While we know Senator Ward votes in opposition to increased access to the voting booth, against increased worker protections, and against renewable energy solutions like net metering, we don’t know who is funding her campaign for a third term,” said Dario Scalco, director of the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus. “What is Ruth Ward hiding?”

Ward filed for a third term on Wednesday, June 10 - 33 days ago. But as of Monday morning, Ward had not re-registered her campaign committee nor filed one of the three reports required thus far for the 2020 election cycle. Senator Ward was in attendance and voting at both June Senate Sessions.


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