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Omnibus Child Protection Bill Signed Into Law

Contact Name: Sara Persechino

Phone: (603) 271-3479


CONCORD – Today, HB 1162, an omnibus child protection bill, was signed into law.

Senator Martha Hennessey (D-Hanover) issued the following statement in response:

“The health and welfare of our children is one of the most pressing issues we face as a state. I am proud to have sponsored the amendment to HB 1162 which includes clarifying our provisions on adoption, the authority of the Office of the Child Advocate, and putting critical health and safety programs in place for children exposed to substance use disorder, neglect, and abuse. Our children have been bravely navigating this pandemic alongside us. As we approach the fall and the beginning of the school year, they will be faced with a new set of challenges and as elected officials, we need ensure they have the resources they need to be safe and successful.”


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