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SB 96 Signed Into Law

Contact Name: Jessica Eskeland

Phone: (603) 568-9357

CONCORD – Earlier today, Governor Sununu signed SB 96 into law. As introduced, this legislation sought to enact several recommendations made by the New Hampshire Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community, and Transparency (LEACT). Unfortunately, the bill signed by the Governor today is a largely pared down version of the original legislation, stripped of many of its original key components.

Senate Judiciary Committee members Senator Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton) and Senator Jay Kahn (D-Keene) issued the following statement:

“The LEACT Commission, made up of a broad coalition of stakeholders, worked tirelessly last summer to develop legislative recommendations to address racial justice, law enforcement, and the need for reform. It is unfortunate that Senate Republicans drastically narrowed the scope of this legislation, removing key elements such as data collection and mandatory judicial trainings regarding implicit bias and racial profiling, two key recommendations from the LEACT Commission. While we are pleased to see portions of the original bill enacted into law, we look forward to continuing our work to enact policies to ensure that New Hampshire is a safe and just place for all and that public safety is paramount.”



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