Senate Commerce Committee Passes SB 20

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CONCORD – Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee unanimously passed SB 20 in a vote of 5-0. SB 20 exempts individuals applying to teach a course in a career technical education specialty area from the bachelor's degree requirement for a one-year certificate of eligibility to teach.

After the vote, prime sponsor Senator Jay Kahn (D-Keene) issued the following statement:

“SB 20 broadens the ability for specialty experts to attain one-year teaching certificates to teach in NH’s career technical education programs. By exempting these individuals from the requirement of having a bachelor’s degree, we are enabling the students of these schools to benefit from these experts’ relevant education and experience in the specialty fields they teach. This is particularly applicable to fields where licensure does not require a bachelor’s degree, but requires experience, specialty training, and apprenticeships, such as EMTs teaching emergency services or chefs teaching cooking or an electrician teaching an introductory electricity course.”


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