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Senate Democrats Champion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Legislation

Contact Name: Marina Altschiller

Phone: (603) 271-3207

CONCORD – Today, Senator Sue Prentiss (D-West Lebanon) introduced SB 132, a piece of omnibus legislation relative to COVID-19, to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. SB 132 includes language regarding employer payment of required COVID-19 testing, establishing a COVID-19 micro enterprise relief fund, requiring a COVID-19 needs assessment of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, and support and promotion of New Hampshire's live performance industry by the council on the arts.

After the hearing, prime sponsor Senator Sue Prentiss (D-West Lebanon), section III sponsor Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua), and section IV sponsor Senator Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton) issued the following statements:

“Throughout this pandemic we have seen our microenterprises face the same devastating economic impacts of larger companies but without the necessary time or resources to pivot their business models,” stated Senator Sue Prentiss (D-West Lebanon). “SB 132 directs federal dollars to our microenterprises to support New Hampshire’s small businesses through this unprecedented time.”

Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) added, “Despite the good faith efforts made by DHHS, New Hampshire has the highest long term care death rate in the country. Last year, the New Hampshire Veterans Home lost nearly 40 individuals, almost 20%, of their residents to COVID-19. The Protect New Hampshire Seniors and Veterans Act of 2021 requires a long overdue independent COVID-19 needs assessment of our nursing homes and long-term care facilities to ensure our seniors never face a tragedy of this level again.”

Senator Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton) concluded, “Independent live venues are important entertainment hubs and economic multipliers for New Hampshire's local economies that help attract and retain a younger workforce. The Save Our Granite Stages Act provides targeted assistance and long-term planning support that recognizes the importance of independent live venues to New Hampshire's economy.”



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