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Senator Whitley Introduces SB 446-FN-A, establishing a child care workforce fund and grant program

Contact Name: Jessica Eskeland

Phone: (603) 568-9357

CONCORD – Today, Senator Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton) introduced SB 446-FN-A, which seeks to establish a child care workforce fund to provide grants to eligible child care programs for workforce recruitment and retention bonuses and benefits.

After the hearing, Senator Becky Whitley (D-Hopkinton) issued the following statement:

“This bipartisan bill is necessary to support the New Hampshire child care workforce, which is an incredibly important part of our economy. Not only does this work force serve our most precious citizens—our children—it critically allows parents and families to be a part of the workforce while their children are cared for. When child care businesses can’t recruit and retain employees, classrooms and programs close, fewer child care spaces are available for the children of New Hampshire’s labor force, resulting in employees having to resign or turn down job offers across all industries. It has a ripple effect across our entire economy. Now more than ever, the recovery and future of our state depends on it being an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family. When New Hampshire’s children and families thrive, New Hampshire’s workforce and economy prosper. Building a more sustainable child care infrastructure and creating policies that support caregivers to both work and care for their family members are critical for Granite State families and central to rebuilding and sustaining our economy.”



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